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Support for Executive Leadership and Leadership Teams

Support for Executive Leadership and Leadership Teams


The health care industry is struggling with staffing shortages and leaders are trying harder than ever to figure out how to support the workforce.  Leaders set the direction for the organization, ensure that the organization is working efficiently and providing the best care possible, and ideally, model the values of the organization and the community it serves. To support health care leaders in developing their skills, Southcentral Foundation is offering the Leadership Team Assessment and Workshop.

Through a partnership with CDR Assessment Group, Inc., SCF uses the CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment to provide insight into a leader’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. It offers specific, actionable suggestions for leaders to develop their skills and better guide their organization through complex, challenging circumstances. SCF uses the tool, along with a one-on-one debrief with an SCF Certified CDR Feedback Coach and an eight-hour team workshop, to support SCF employees in leadership positions. Now, SCF’s Leadership Team Assessment and Workshop is available for leaders at other health care organizations.

The workshop, which can be scheduled virtually or in-person, is facilitated by an SCF Coach. It leads teams through the following:

  • Define the characteristics being measured and discuss how different aspects of each characteristic show up for you and for your team.
  • Identify opportunities to incorporate the strengths of your different characteristics into the team’s dynamics.
  • Discuss the different risk scales in the CDR tool and how our risks show up at work.
  • Analyze how risks might derail work, and what you can do to account for those risks.
  • Define the drivers and rewards scales and examine how different drivers and rewards motivate people.

For more information about SCF’s Leadership Team Assessment and Workshop, feel free to contact the SCF Learning Institute.

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