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Conducting Community Needs Assessments to Drive the Health System

Health care can often be a reactive discipline. For example, a patient comes to their physician with a problem, and the physician prescribes treatment for that specific problem. However,...

Virtual Site Visits at Southcentral Foundation

Over the past few years, organizations from around the world have participated in site visits to Southcentral Foundation in Anchorage, Alaska. Site visits provide organizations with...

Employee Learning and Development at Southcentral Foundation

Learning and development is important for employees in many different fields, and health care is no different. Investing in employee learning and development can help with employee retention,...

10 Steps to Create Effective Health Marketing Campaigns

At SCF, health care is more than just what is provided at visits to physicians. SCF is always working with customer-owners to help them achieve overall wellness ; this is a vital part of SCF’s...

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