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Nuka Health Care Innovations Conference: Learning Sessions

Nuka Health Care Innovations Conference: Learning Sessions


Integrated Care Delivery: SCF uses integrated care teams to provide care to customer-owners. Each team consists of a primary care provider, nurse case manager, certified medical assistant, and case management support. Other providers, such as behaviorists and dieticians, can be added to the care team as they are needed. This session will provide detailed information on how SCF’s integrated care teams operate, how they take advantage of SCF’s relationship-based approach to care, and how SCF’s leadership and corporate structure works to support these teams. Also covered will be the roles of each team member, and how SCF’s integrated system differs from other, non-integrated systems.

Workforce Development: SCF’s focus on relationships is present in all aspects of the organization, including Human Resources. This session will cover SCF’s philosophy on employee learning and development, and how it leverages the relationships employees build at SCF. Also covered will be SCF’s onboarding practices and how they support career development in employees, and how SCF’s core workforce competencies work to further the mission and vision of the organization.

Using Data for Improvement: In the past, SCF struggled with how to collect and use data. This session will cover how SCF transformed its approach to data and created its Data Services department, moving data out from under the umbrella of IT. Detail will be provided on how SCF developed its information strategy, and the successes and challenges SCF experienced in doing so will be discussed. Also covered will be how data is used at SCF, including what steps to take if data reveals problems in certain areas of the health care system.

Leadership Principles that Build a Culture of OWNERSHIP: SCF developed the organization’s leadership principles after collecting feedback from customer-owners and finding out what they wanted from the health care system. This session will cover SCF’s leadership principles and how they support the organization’s mission and vision. Also covered will be how these principles are applied on the job.

Strategic Planning and Improvement: SCF works to support a culture of continuous improvement at the organization. This session will cover how SCF collects and uses customer-owner feedback to drive improvement, how SCF approaches strategic planning, and how SCF uses the Baldrige framework and Baldrige feedback as a tool for improvement. Also covered will be the tools SCF uses to support change, and how SCF deploys improvement initiatives.

Behavioral Health: SCF has integrated behavioral health services into its primary care clinics. This session will cover SCF’s redesigned behavioral health system, the role of behavioral health in improving health outcomes for customer-owners, and clinical and screening tools used by SCF’s behavioral health providers. Also covered will be how SCF addresses both the immediate needs of customer-owners, and offers continuing support for customer-owner behavioral health issues.

The conference will also feature an overview of SCF’s Nuka System of Care, and closing plenaries each day, with the opportunity for Q&A with the audience. Registration is open, so register for the Nuka Health Care Innovations Conference today!

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