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Integrated Care Team Optimization at Southcentral Foundation

Integrated Care Team Optimization at Southcentral Foundation

At Southcentral Foundation, care is provided by integrated primary care teams working in partnership with customer-owners to help them achieve overall wellness. SCF provides extensive training for care workers to support them in learning how to work in integrated care teams, including our Core Concepts training, our Integrated Primary Care Team training, and more. However, although training for new care teams is important, establishing a new team is only the beginning of the process. SCF has implemented an optimization process for finding opportunities to improve team efficiency, satisfaction, and the customer experience.

SCF’s approach consists of several different methods to find best practices and opportunities to share what is working with other teams. Newly formed teams receive an assessment by an SCF case manager specialist within six months of the team being formed to build awareness within the team of work preferences, and to provide best practices to get the team off to a good start. An established team can also receive an assessment by request of the team, manager referral, or routine schedule. The specialist works with the team to set goals and find opportunities for improvement in the way they operate.

Specialist interactions with a team can include, but are not limited to:

Individual and/or team interviews. These interviews are used to create a picture of each team member’s perception of team dynamics and function. The case manager specialist also uses these interviews to ensure that team members understand how to use all the tools available to them.

Individual assessments. The results of these surveys give both the specialist and the team insight into how team members interact.

Team observation. The specialist observes the team during daily operations. This is used to identify best practices and determine whether other tools might be necessary for the team.

Interview of team coverage and/or pod mates. The specialist interviews the people who peripherally work with the team to gain insight on team dynamics, best practice use, and communication. This is useful when a wider perspective is needed.

The specialist and the team work together to determine the tools and techniques that would be of the most benefit to the team. After the initial assessment, the specialist follows up with the team and provides recommendations for improvements. The specialist also provides a report of findings to departmental leadership after completing the assessment. This gives leadership the tools to help the team continue to improve and maintain best practices already in place.

For more information about SCF’s integrated primary care team optimization approach, contact the SCF Learning Institute today!

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